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The GIMP Tutorial _____ by omg_its_olivia ` featuring audrey kitching.

I'm going to teach you how to go from this,

to this,
in the Gimp 2.2.

First find your base. Mine is by girlcalledxkill.

Duplicate your base once and set it to soft light 100% depending on your image.

Make a new layer with #b19e9e and set it multiply 90%.

make a new layer with #254068 and set it to Dodge 100%

Another new layer with #d9aed3 and set it to overlay 100%.

Add another new layer with #7f8c2b and set this one to grain merge 70%.

Last new layer: fill it with #eca5ca and set it to softlight 88%.

Then I added some text and you're done!


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